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Visit by Former Students

2 October 2017

A delight to show round two former students, from 1950s.

It was such a delight to show round two former students of the school who attended back in the 1950’s; I found it so interesting listening to their past experiences and how their school lives contrasted to mine in many ways. One thing that particularly surprised me was that the boys and girls used to enter in different sections within the school and did little intermingling at break and lunches. As well as this, subjects such as food tech used to include other activities such as making beds and setting tables- something which I cannot imagine having lessons on now. When talking to them, I found that they shared a love of sport; we compared the sports that used to be on offer at the school to today. I was surprised to learn from the ladies that the boys used to go off during the school day to go digging and helping the community with gathering vegetables, seeing as it was only just after the war had finished.  Barbara had commented that she was always jealous of this as she wanted to get out and away from the school during the day but the girls weren’t allowed to go and instead had to do activities such as sewing.

It was really lovely to have the opportunity to talk to former students of the school; it was heart-warming to see all the memories flooding back to them as they walked around the school. It was a great experience and I hope that they enjoyed the tour as much as I did showing them around! 

Abbie Howe 12H

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