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Welcome from the students

Welcome to the SJL Sixth Form. You are about to make a great decision.

The experience of being in the SJL Sixth Form is very different from being at school. The staff treat you like adults and you have a much higher degree of freedom. It is also a place where everyone has very high standards and great expectations for their future.

The exceptional teaching and support that is given really prepares you for university and there is a strong sense of community where everyone gets along and supports one another in their learning. Right from the first hour in the Sixth Form you will feel that you belong here.

The consortium system of which our Sixth Form is part of forms another advantage, as it conveniently allows us to study subjects at other local schools and vice versa.

There are also countless new experiences available to students ranging from peer mentoring at the main school to creating and running your own business with the support of the Young Enterprise scheme.

There are also many trips including residential courses in subjects that you are interested in and an American exchange.

We hope that the decision you make is the right one and that you will come and join us at the SJL Sixth Form. We look forward to seeing you.

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